AdTaxi Nigeria: Ride share advertising media platform With a reach of up to 60,000 trending cabs all over Nigeria. AdTaxi Nigeria is the market leader in ride share advertising. Together with our partners, AdTaxi Nigeria conducts local and international campaigns according to standards.

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Benefits of Ride Share Advertising

Your advertising will be taken through the entire city. Not being dependent on predefined routes, trending cabs cover the hottest spots in town with the highest contact frequency, e.g. commercial areas, airports, hotels, train stations and the city center. Trending cabs create a high impact, build up of reach and high campaign recall, as they are a minimum 18 hours per day in use and and 2,000 km per week on the road.

Ride share advertising can neither be flicked nor zapped away. Ride Share Advertising presents your message always at eye-level – with an option Ad Plus.

Advertising on trending cab is known to be a very economic form of outdoor advertising with a low contact price – AdTaxi Nigeria has managed to present this media perfectly. Trending cabs are booked on a round the clock basis with exclusivity for the entire city. A Plexiglas cover protects your advertisement well against wind, weather and vandalism, with side door advertising you can book any number of cabs in any place. These options are available on the Ad Plus plan.

365 Days A Year

Ride Share advertising reaches your target group in the city or country of your choice by day and by night. Trending cabs are always mobile and only stop at the city’s hottest spots like airports, stations or stadiums.

Various Media

Our portfolio includes all advertising media outside and inside the cabs, as well as cab top advertising, popular in various countries. Ride share advertising is extremly efficient within PR and therefore an optimal addition in your marketing-mix.


AdTaxi Nigeria coordinates the campaign planing and organizes a proper conduction from booking through realization to removal. No matter where the client or the market is based, with AdTaxi you have a cheerful assistant with over 5 years of experience.